Luca Giustiniano

Luca Giustiniano is a professor of organization studies in the Department of Business and Management and director of CLIO (Center for research in Leadership, Innovation and Organisation) at Luiss University, Rome, Italy. He is an editorial board member of the Journal of Management Studies. 

During his career, Luca has been visiting researcher and scholar at the Viktoria Institute (Sweden), the Sauder School of Business (Canada), the Interdisciplinary Centre for Organizational Architecture (Denmark), the Nova SBE (Portugal), the Waseda Institute for Advanced Studies (Japan). He coauthored Elgar Introduction to Theories of Organizational Resilience (2018) and, together with Miguel Pina e Cunha and Stewart Clegg, he introduced the idea of managerial zemblanity (2016)His current research interests are focused on new forms of organizing, organizational paradoxes and metaphors.

Research areas:

    • Crowd-based organizing
    • Organization design
    • Organizational paradoxes
    • Organizational metaphors
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