Vice Director

Francesco Mantovani

He is an Adjunct Professor at Luiss – Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali in Rome, where he is also the Scientific Coordinator of the “Guido” Mentorship Programme and a member of the Steering Committee of the Course in Global Management and Politics.

He is a Principal Expert in the People and Results area at The European House-Ambrosetti.  He provides strategic advice to numerous global organisations in the field of HR, Human Capital Utilisation, Training, Development and Knowledge Management.

He was Senior Advisor “HR & Human Intellectual Capital” for United Science & Technology (Hangzhou – China); Senior Vice President HR Development & Education for the Finmeccanica Group, and previously, in similar roles, in the Group HR at Telecom Italia and TIM.

He was a Member of the Confindustria Technical Education Committee and of the Ministry of Education, University and Research Orientation Working Group as well as the Coordinator of the Ansaldo Foundation Culture Commission and Vice President of the Quacing Agency for Quality Certification and Accreditation Eur-Ace (European Accredited Engineer) for Engineering undergraduate Courses.

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