Technology and sustainable development

Greentech was born from the combination of technology and sustainable development applied to financial markets. Today, more than ever, these two aspects reflect not only the need for investors and institutions to respond to the demands of an increasingly complex society, but also to adapt to both climatic and technological changes.


Green Technology and Algorithms

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is possible to implement algorithms and predictive models that facilitate the flow of correct, timely and transparent information for the benefit of all stakeholders, from the regulator to the retail investor.


Group description

The Greentech group is committed to producing and disseminating knowledge through a continuous update on the main trends related to ESG issues, applying algorithmic models based on artificial intelligence for the benefit of an audience ranging from market professionals to academia. The group is primarily interested in developing practical, efficient and effective solutions to improve and integrate environmental issues in the decision-making processes of companies and investors, through cutting-edge technological solutions.


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