Twinning of research institutions! The European Forum on Paradox and Plurality (EUFORPP)

Nova School of Business and Economics (leader, Portugal), CASS Business School (UK), Geneva School of Economics and Management (Switzerlad), Luiss University (CLIO) and Rotterdam School of Management – Erasmus University (Netherlands) have rececently being notified that the Twinning project labeled as EURORPP has been granted (EU project 856688 – EUFORPP).  The aim of the  European Forum on Paradox and Plurality (EUFORPP) is to strengthen and stimulate scientific excellence and innovation capacity in this profuse field.

Some of the most pressing problems facing society and their organizations have traditionally been addressed by leaders and researchers with linear trade-off solutions. Ground-breaking research on paradoxes and plurality shows the dangers of this approach in terms of polarizing decisions and losing social and economic value that might be enhanced by dynamic, balancing and synergetic strategies.

The Forum intends to create long-term networking efforts among European institutions, and will raise research capabilities to all Partners. The Twinning project spreads over 36 months. With an inclusive approach to research, focused on co-creating knowledge with business ecosystems and the society at large, and an open interdisciplinary approach, the collaborative activities include the creation of impact labs to address specific themes with a paradoxical perspective, staff exchanges and visits, joint academic conferences, symposiums and business seminars, a summer school, and the development of a community of practice and web platform to promote dissemination and co-creation of knowledge with different stakeholders.

Please find out more at the official website of the Global Center of Paradox & Organization