Assistant Professor

Elena Bruni

Elena Bruni is a Marie Curie Skłodowska fellow at WU Vienna at Institute for Organization Studies. During her career, she was a post-doc researcher at University at Padova (Economics Department) and at Ca’ Foscari University (Management Department). She also has been a visiting researcher at The Business School (formerly Cass) in London, UK.

Her research interests are focused on how linguistic and rhetorical processes stimulate institutional change. In particular, she focuses on the mechanisms in which metaphors and other rhetorical figures are used to ascribe legitimacy, and how different modes of communication (e.g., visual and written) may trigger or stifle collective action. She has recently co-authored a paper on the role of leadership in the digitalised world, and an AMR Dialogue paper titled Reconceptualizing Conceptual Engineering.

Research areas:

    • organization theory
    • language, rhetoric, metaphors
    • legitimization processes
    • frames and framing analysis of visual and written modes
    • cognitive perspective
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